Specialty Programs

The Directorate of Graduate Study Programs

The Kabul University of Medical Sciences wants to utilize the existing expertise and resources which match the needs of Ministry of Higher education graduate study program procedure. Kabul University of Medical Sciences strive to start Public Heath master program in this university. Officially, for the first time, the Public health master program started in 1392, 12, 27 by Ustad Sarwar Danish the former Minister of Higher Education and current second Vice president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan at KUMS.

The public health master degree program courses taught under the supervision of Graduate committee and public health faculty of KUMS. According to the procedure of Ministry of Higher education the public health master program courses taught in unofficial time. The eligible candidates of this program fill the application form and take entrance exam. Those whose receive highest scores in the exam they will enroll to the program. Throughout the semester, the specialists of public health are requested to provide lecture as guest lecturer. The students are assessed through assignment system through the subject lecturers. The assignments are gave during the semester and master degree program committee continuously check the students’ assignments. Associated Prof.Dr. Mohammad Idrees Anwar, the public health faculty lecturer is the head of public health master’s degree program of KUMS. He studied up to master’s level.

The Directorate of Specialization Program.

The specialization program started forty five years ago at curative faculty of Nangarhar University when the faculty was under the guardianship of Kabul University’s curative faculty.  Nowadays, the specialization program performs services under the supervision of Education Development Center of KUMS. The public and private institutions’ curative and stomatology graduate students take proficiency exam by National Exam Office after successful completion they work in various disciplines of KUMS related hospitals. The trainees work practically for three to five years under the supervision of trained teachers.