Faculty of Medicine

    Directorate of faculty of medicine which is second rank of cadre post was established in 1311 solar year in the framework of Kabul University. Since then till now, this faculty has had 79 rounds of graduation. Based on the new curriculum, the study duration of this faculty is consisted of six and half years, with a successful completion of the study period a student will be granted graduation document at the level of MD.

    Vision of the Faculty of Medicine

    Offering free and standardized medical education based on the social needs of Afghanistan and region.


    Educating professional graduates in terms of clinical skills, public health, research and teaching.


    • Recruiting talented students who have the ability to study medicine.
    • Providing standard curriculum according to the needs of country, region and world.
    • Employing professors for the purpose of teaching and educational counselling.
    • Providing suitable educational opportunities and condition that meets the needs of standardized medical education.
    • Facilitating clinical and psychological consultations.
    • Efforting in accreditation and quality assurance of faculty at the level of region and world.

    Medical faculty graduates must have the following abilities:

    • Ability of adaptation with the up-to-date development of medical knowledge.
    • Updating their medical knowledge in accordance to the social needs.
    • Maintaining effective communication with patients and being committed to take care and behave ethically with the patients.
    • Transferring medical knowledge to the students, colleagues and society.
    • Applying reasonable cooperation methods in sharing complicated medical issues with colleagues or responsible figures.

    The current director of medical faculty is Doctor Saniullah Zelmay.  

    Email Address : medicine@kums.edu.af

    1. Faculty of Stomatology

    Faculty of Stomatology which is second rank of cadre post was established in 1357solar year in the framework of Kabul University. The study duration of this faculty is consisted of six years (three years par clinics, two years clinic and one year house job) with a successful completion of the study period a student will be granted graduation document of MD. Since then till now this faculty has had 29 round of graduation.

    Vision of the Stomatology Faculty

    The main vision of this faculty is to be known as a faculty of dentistry in accordance to the international standards, having professional and academic standard plan for the purpose of properly educating the students in the field.

    Responsibilities and Duties

    The main duty of this faculty is to have access to the professional skills and knowledge of dentistry through impactful teaching, research and offering standardized medical services in the field of dentistry.

    • Developing skills, clinical research and specialized knowledge.
    • Facilitating standardized medical services for patients in dentistry field.
    • Developing knowledge in the area of oral health science.
    • Providing effective teaching and learning environment.
    • Cooperating in exchange of knowledge and information with all academic centers outside of the university.
    • Developing the quality and quantity of standardized medical services for patients by observing national and international standards.


    • Educating students at the level of DMD.
    • Capacity building of academic members.
    • Conducting academic research and holding academic conference and workshops.
    • Standardizing teaching method.
    •  Continuous renewal and development of dentistry faculty curriculum based on social needs, pathologic condition and offering health services in field of dentistry.
    • Managing lectures and practical works for students and house job.
    • Equipment of laboratories and departments.
    • Promoting stomatology teaching clinic to teaching hospital of stomatology (rehabilitation of teaching hospital of stomatology)
    • Connecting stomatology faculty with other national faculties at the level of country and international.
    • Having independent budget.

    Email Address : stomatology@kums.edu.af

    1. Faculty of Public Health

     Previously, this university was called pediatric medicine faculty. In 1389 solar year, it was established in the frame work of Kabul University of Medical Sciences. The study duration of this faculty is four years (one year par clinic, two years clinic and one year house job) with a successful completion of the study period a student will be granted graduation document of Bachelor of Science in Public Health (BSPH). Since then till now this faculty has had five rounds of graduation.


    Healthy people in Afghanistan and region.


    Faculty of Public Health endeavors with all its facilities and sources to achieve the following mission.

    • Educating experts in health area.
    • Conducting research for the purpose of collecting evidence to make practical decisions and effective policy development.
    • Upgrading society health.


    • Effective higher education: Public health faculty is committed to provide quality and standardized education facilities which meet the current needs of our society in accordance to the international standards.
    • Cooperation: Believe in work and unanimous decision, listening to others comments and sharing decision making process, conducting research for providing evidence and facilitating decision making process and policy making in the country.
    • Ethics and dignity: Observing ethic and preservation of dignity of people in teaching and researching process is the main principal of this faculty.
    • Equality: Believing in principal of equality and fairness in paving the ground for the education and facilities for everyone without considering gender, language, tribe, religion etc.
    • Sound office/Effectiveness and efficiency: Establishing a sound and a role model office for others and codification of essential programs for the purpose of promotion of sound and effective office. Also efforts are in ensuring standard service in realistic and professional manner.
    • Innovation: Effort in educating talents based on the student centered method in order to develop innovation and ability of young generation.
    • Accountability: It is an acceptable principal in which public health faculty in all its work area is accountable and tries to introduce and custom it in education process.

    Email Address : publichealth@kums.edu.af

    1. Allied Health Faculty

    Allied health faculty was established in 1391 solar year in the framework of KUMS. The study duration of this faculty is four years (one year par clinic, two years clinic and one year house job). With a successful completion of the study period, a student will be granted graduation document of bachelor (advanced technologist). Since then till now this faculty has had three rounds of graduation.


    vision of this faculty is to be equipped with modern equipment, to have enough scientific and educational resources, to have experience, knowledgeable, expert and professional professors at the level of master and doctorate degree in medical technology and antistaticn committed with all values and needs of our society in order to enable new generation and talents to fulfill the needs of our society.


    • Educating young generation (students of Allied Health Faculty) according to the needs of society and national and international standards.
    • Anesthetics and technology educational program ensures education philosophy based on the assigned curriculum from the university to the students and teaches specific topics or issues of medical technology and anesthetics. So in the end of educational program students will obtain the ability of practical work. The graduate students of the faculty will fulfill the needs of society in case of having anesthetist and technologist who can help people in improvement of family and society health.
    • Advancing knowledge for the purpose of offering equal service for everyone.
    • These people should know how to act according to prevention and treatment of the health system.
    • Every technician must be skillful for assisting the society.
    • Every technician must assist doctors in diagnosis and principal of treatment.
    • Finally for an effective treatment without mistakes we need for skillful and advance technicians.


    Transmitting knowledge in specific field for students of allied health faculty according to the academic standards and obtaining of balanced knowledge which will make professional and academicals development of students so that our next generation will have essential abilities and skills and strengthen feeling of being responsible, patriots, honest and having sufficient information of the recent discoveries and sound findings of human thought and educate them to observe all human rights equalities and avoiding discrimination.


    • Academic freedom
    • Commitment to observe piety, honesty and transparency in work
    • Commitment to perform tasks on time in a team work
    • Respecting others and different opinions 
    • Mastering his job and shared leading
    • Declining any kind of language, ethical, racial, sectarian, thinking and sexual discriminations     
    • Responsible   

    Allied health faculty believes in the following spiritual values for the purpose of educating the new generation. 

    • Professional and responsible
    • knowledgeable and well read 
    • patriot
    • committed and honest
    • aware of men and women rights
    • protecting living environment
    • helpful
    • proper use of opportunities in hand
    • believe in the values of teaching
    • kind and well wisher
    • well behaved and good personality
    • disciplined
    • confident
    • innovator and curious
    • punctual

    Graduates Departments


    Medical Technology                                                       


    The study duration of technology faculty is four years, a student after passing this period, graduates at the level of bachelor and works in medical field in laboratories, clinics and par clinics.

    2. Higher Anesthesiology Department is four years. Students obtain a graduate degree after passing the mentioned period. They work as anesthesiologists. The present director of Allied health is Dr. Karimullah Shaheer who is the lecturer of the Tuberculosis Department. He was hired and chosen officially by KUMS’s Chancellor’s Office and The Ministry of Higher Education. He approved by High officials of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in 1397. Shaheer has a Master degree.

    click below link to download summary of topics

    Abstract of Afghanistan Knowledge, attitude and preventive practice
    Blockchain Technology
    Study of unstimulated salivary flow rate

    Email Address : alliedhealth@kums.edu.af 

    Nursing and Midwifery Faculty 

    Nursing and Midwifery Faculty is established under the umbrella term of KUMS in 1385. This faculty is four years (one year Para clinic and three years clinic). Students graduate after completion of the program successfully. The faculty has graduated nine times. 

    The Responsibilities of Nursing and Midwifery Faculty are:  

    • Academic Members' development and abilities in the field of training, research and clinics related work improvement and influences of academic members. 
    • Faculty roles development in training and researching field for presenting nursing and midwifery national strategies. 
    • Extending of communication with internal and external research centers.
    • Empowerment of training and research services due to academic qualitative development of student. 
    • Improving faculty study completion development 
    • Extending academic data delivery and communicating with internal and external research centers.
    • Creating a nursing and midwifery research center due to the development and progress of research and knowledge production in nursing and midwifery field. 
    • Extending the faculty's physical environments for research and training activities.
    • Supporting control and manage in various parts such as training, research, and clinic through faculty. 


    Nursing training program in KUMS prepares graduates in academic level. This training program enables graduates to be a manager and equipped person with nursing skills. Preparing nurses for professional training. Obtain further quality and effort actively for enhancing individual, family, societies and national health.

    The Nursing graduates will be able to: 

    • Use a complete monitor framework, management, implementation and evaluation in the health service system beside nursing maintenance.
    • Use different sources for analyzing data in the present situation to specify the problems and recommend its solutions. 
    • Take decision-based on ethical evidence and consideration and defiance from them. 
    • Interact between individuals and families and health and professional issues.
    • Perform treatment and preventive maintenance for viral disease, physical problems, and psychiatric disability for people of all ages. 
    • Use technology for presenting services in specific social areas such as child and mother services, special maintenance, public health, and midwifery.
    • Work with families and different health workers and train them to maintain the health services. 
    • Use different nursing strategies for developing health services like giving medicine, wound dressing, etc. Support health services in other health units. 
    • Use recorded and analyzed data for quality insurance research and gives their opinions.
    • Help with maintenance system and support them for creating plans and sharing politics. 

    Email Address : nursing@kums.edu.af