The Education Development Center of Kabul University of Medical Sciences “Abu Ali Ibn Sina”

For the first time, the specialization program launched at Curative Faculty of Nangarhar University under the guardianship of Kabul University’s curative faculty. During the time, based on the daily schedule, the Kabul University’s curative faculty, lecturers taught the curative faculty and specialization program learners of Nangarhar University. After many year’s revolution in Afghanistan, the specialization program shifted to curative faculty of Kabul University by high ranking officials. This program candidates takes entry exam of the program and the eligible candidates enrolled into the specialization program.  

When the curative faculty of Kabul University upgrades to the Kabul Medical Institute. In 1366 a new department by the name of Medical Education Development launched under the control of this institute. The first chancellor of this program was Associated Professor Dr. Najeebullah Farid, one of the Pathology department member. During the period, this department became the affiliated partner with World Health Organization development program with the code of (A400).Still, this program is working under supervise of The Education Development Center of Kabul University of Medical Sciences “Abu Ali Ibn Sina”. The main responsibilities of this center are working on Master’s degree studies, management of specialization program, and reviewing various faculties’ curriculums. 

This center has one OSCE (Objectives Structured Clinical Examination) station room where medical students perform observational studies. In addition, it has one big OSCE Lab where medial students perform practical works. This OSCE Lab was founded in 1397. The Education Development center has Problem-Based Learning and Case-Based Learning two committees. These committees helped students in group work under the supervision of lecturers. Now, this center has nine members.

Office Cell#:  0744383138

Email Address: edc@kums.edu.af