Information and Communication Technology Center of KUMS

Information and Communication Technology Center of KUMS, which has been promoted from general management to the Information and Communication Technology Center of KUMS since 2018, has a well-equipped technology center called ICT-Center, which was created by the Development Program of the Honorable Ministry of Higher Education (HEDP) with the financial support of the World Bank. The said center has been recently completed and put into operation. This center has two separate equipped laptop computers for the female and male class, with a total of more than 100 computer bases active in it, which are at the service of professors and students every day for easy and better use of the Internet and today's information world. In addition, this administration has a training room and a video conference room where research programs and national and international video conferences of the university take place. also, this administration has a server room, a control room for security cameras, a PC workshop, a power room and a storage room. This center, with the efforts and support of the work it has done, in cooperation with the honorable Ministry of Higher Education and the World Bank, has professionally networked the entire university and teaching hospital of Aliabad and the Institute of Cardiac Diseases, which provides Internet (wired and wireless) in all areas (inside and outside). ) University, all branches of Ali Abad Teaching Hospital and Institute of Heart Disease are available. By installing APs inside and outside the repairs of this university, this administration has covered all areas of the university for easy access to the Internet world.


Providing quality internet services for professors, students and administrative personnel to carry out daily work and easy access to the world of internet and information and to achieve the university's national and international academic goals.

Providing facilities to provide information technology services to professors, students and all personnel of the department to modernize teaching, training and research at the university level and related hospitals.

Information using the website and the official page of Facebook and Twitter about the latest activities and works that are carried out in the university and teaching hospitals under its influence.


Non-stop internet services to improve and raise the level of awareness of students and administrative personnel of the university.

Providing quality technological and internet services.

Any type of troubleshooting and solving internal network, internet, computer and other technology issues as soon as possible.

Repairing all university computers and computers that communicate from hospitals under the influence of this university in PC Workshop.

Creating official emails for university academic staff members.

Publish announcements, notices and news about the latest works and activities of the university on the social pages and the official website of the university in coordination with the Directorate of Communication and Public Awareness.

Maintenance of technology-related equipment at the university level.