Directorate of faculty of medicine which is second rank of cadre post was established in 1311 solar year in the framework of Kabul University. Since then till now, this faculty has had 79 rounds of graduation. Based on the new curriculum, the study duration of this faculty is consisted of six and half years, with a successful completion of the study period a student will be granted graduation document at the level of MD.

Vision of the Faculty of Medicine

Offering free and standardized medical education based on the social needs of Afghanistan and region.


Educating professional graduates in terms of clinical skills, public health, research and teaching.


  • Recruiting talented students who have the ability to study medicine.
  • Providing standard curriculum according to the needs of country, region and world.
  • Employing professors for the purpose of teaching and educational counselling.
  • Providing suitable educational opportunities and condition that meets the needs of standardized medical education.
  • Facilitating clinical and psychological consultations.
  • Efforting in accreditation and quality assurance of faculty at the level of region and world.

Medical faculty graduates must have the following abilities:

  • Ability of adaptation with the up-to-date development of medical knowledge.
  • Updating their medical knowledge in accordance to the social needs.
  • Maintaining effective communication with patients and being committed to take care and behave ethically with the patients.
  • Transferring medical knowledge to the students, colleagues and society.
  • Applying reasonable cooperation methods in sharing complicated medical issues with colleagues or responsible figures.

This faculty is consisted of the following departments:

  1. Department of Tuberculosis and Infection
  2. Department of Obstetrics and Genecology 
  3. Department of Orthopedic
  4. Department of Dermatology
  5. Department of Anatomy
  6. Department of Cardiology
  7. Department of Emergency Surgery
  8. Department of Ophthalmology
  9.   Department of Foreign languages

The current director of medical faculty is Mohammad Ismail Zamaan who is one of the professors of physiology department. In 1396 solar year, he was recommended as the director of the faculty through Kabul University of Medical Sciences Chancellor’s Office to the Ministry of Higher Education and he was appointed based on the approval of the presidential office of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. He qualified at the level of master degree.