Vice chancellery in Medical Affairs

The Kabul University curative faculty and Ali Abad teaching hospital was founded in 1311. Institution launched by the name of diagnosing center where curative faculty teachers consecutively providing medical services to visiting patients and internees to curative faculty, during the time the center located in Puli Bagha Amomi now where is Rabia Balkhy Hospital locates.

After a revolution in the country, Kabul University of Medical Sciences last its many properties and received some new properties. Diagnosing center property was exchanged Sharara teaching hospital property this deal was conducted with ministry of public health. As well as, the hospital of Red Crescent building was belonged to KUMS, in the past this hospital located in Kati-Se which was place of fight in the time of fight in the country. While Prof.Obaidullah Oabid was working as chancellor of KUMS, he founded the medical institutions directorate. The first chancellor of this institution was selected Prof.Dr. Maher Mohammad Ajazi. When Prof.Dr. Shirin Aqa Zarif was assigned a chancellor, he shifted this directorate to medical institutes’ voice chancellor affairs at KUMS.

Kabul University of Medical Sciences has three hospital and three clinics. In these medical institutions, the medical internees of various faculty perform their internship under the supervision of trained clinicians. The voice chancellor of medical institutions has responsibility of managing the activities of these six medical institutions. Vice chancellor in medical affairs is second position and academician must run the position.  Presently, Associated Prof.Drs, Zubada Zewak  wha teaches in the department of genecology of KUMS leading the office. She was assigned in 1398 after suggestion of Ministry of Higher Education. She studied up to master level her cell phone number is: 0744383431.

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