Eye Teaching Clinic

In 1315, Eye teaching clinic was founded in Ibn Sina hospital under the title of Eye department. Then, in 1340 nominated to Mastorat hospital. In 1373, shifted to Kabul Noor hospital in 52 beds of Khair-Khana hospital. In 1374, shifted to Daoud Khan Military hospital and National Security Hospital. In 1378/1379 solar, based on the contract that is singed among Ministry of Higher Education, KUMS and International Assistance Mission, the clinic worked in the Ploytechtical of KUMS with thirteen workers and twenty beds under the title of Eye Teaching Clinic. In 1382, this clinic transferred to KUMS campus with the finical support of International Assistance Mission started service. When the support was cut, the clinic started services with its own facilities. In 1391 once again, the clinic is shifted from KUMS campus to former building Gynecology clinic of  Shahar-e-Araa hospital. Once again with the strive of Kabul University Medical Sciences and the department of eye lecturers, the Eye teaching hospital started its work in field of teaching and medical services still they are providing services for clients. This clinic staffs increased to 45 members under the control of KUMS. The Eye Teaching hospital provides twenty four hours services to medical students, internees’ trainees and curing eye patients. Also, according to the previous contract of KUMS with Fred Hollows Foundation organization, there are some capacity building program for Eye Teaching hospital four member of this hospital sent to Pakistan for study. In summary, this was short information about KUMS advancement in the field of eye services.  This clinic provides help for practical works of students, diagnosis, in patient services, surgery, Lasers, specify eye number, drug store and surgical events.  This clinic contains 45 professional and administrative members, seven specialist doctors, six trainees doctors, six nurses, four technicians, two anesthetists, one pharmacist, two optometrists, one optician, eight administrative staffs, and nine supporting staffs.

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Email Add :  u.eyehospital@kums.edu.af