Ali Abad Hospital

Aliabad teaching hospital which is one of the historical curative hospital throughout the country and the world, its foundation stone with the capacity of 500 sick beds was put by Mohammad Nadersha on Aliabad mountain slopes in 1931.

The responsibility of the plan and construction of this hospital was on one of the Turkish doctor- Rafiqi Baek. End of the year 1311 the first phase of the hospital by the name of “ Rafiqi Sanatorium” was inaugurated  and became ready for exploitation by Nadersha. Initially this hospital utilized for prevention of the TB under the consideration of doctor Rafiqi Kamil Baek. Due to the valuable services of Rafiqi Baek, the sanatorium was named on his name. His name was hocked on the front view of the building and it is still there in the destroyed building. Also a memorial minaret was built in the middle of the Kabul university (In front of the entry door of Kabul university) with the history and photo of doctor Rafiqi Kamil Baek hocked on it. In the year 1312 second build of Aliabad hospital by the name of Aliabad public hospital which has surgical services now, was inaugurated and began to operate. Public hopiptal was built in two floors. The first floor was for internal patients and the second floor was dedicated for surgical patients. Also the eastern and western sites of the hospital surgical wards were built for eye, ear and throat patients. Between the years of 1334 to 1336 the public hospital was named by the name of Nadersha hospital. In the year 1357 after the 7 Sawor coup the name was changed from Nadersha hospital to NiazMohammad Mohmand hospital. In the first few years’ numerous sections were developed; such as section for the skin patients, section for the neurology and psychological patients, the building for viral patients, big building of administration and stocks for medical equipment, laboratories, Ex-rays, building by the name of counselor complex building, kitchen, Masjid, dining rooms for the doctors, laundry, drugstores of various sections of the hospital are in this building.

With the establishment of the Kabul Medical University in the year 1311 and promotion of the students to the higher classes, Aliabad hospital was ready for the practical works and then for house job of the students. Turkish teachers and specialists, in addition to the treatment of the patients in the Kabul Medical University, they were teaching the students too. In the year 1317 eight students were graduated and all of them were working under the supervision the Turkish doctors in Aliabad hospital. In the year 13 24 the contraction with Turkish people was ended and in the year 1325 the contraction was signed with French. Based on that French teachers took the responsibilities of the teaching and administration of Aliabad hospital. Aliabad hospital and Masturat (Maiwand) central policlinic located in pool-e-bagh-e- umomi, by the name of health organizations of the university which was dedicated for practical work and house job of the students. Each hospital had one head of councilors and in the leading one president of the health organization. The teaching hospital of Aliabad, with the history of 89 years in various sections had the responsibility of the teaching, research and provided health services to the people throughout the country. It is mentionable that this hospital has provided services in different health aspects such as neurological surgery, urology surgery, neurological and mental surgery, recently provided heart surgery across the country, providing the same services is not available in other hospitals of the country. Also in the year 1355 to 1371 the center of cancer radiation with corporation of (IAEA) was exploited, the leading scholars of this organization were; professor doctor Abdul-Rahman Salim, professor doctor Malik Asghar teacher of cancer ecology of Kabul Medical University and professor Rasool Omar teacher of atomic physics of polytechnic university. Due the civil war the services of the mentioned center was stopped, because of the hardworking of professor doctor Shreen aqa Zareef the ex- directorate and leading jury of Kabul Medical University Abo-Ali Sina, fortunately with the help of this organization, the center of diagnosis and treatment of cancer was reconstructed in two floors in northern site of the Aliabad teaching hospital with the cost of 27 million dollars in the year 1396, only 3 million dollars expenditure of the building was sponsored by Afghanistan government, the remaining equipment, training personals were sponsored by the mentioned organization, and the foundation stone of the building was put by doctor Abdullah Abdullah chief executive of national unity government, doctor Khowaja Umari the minister of higher education of the country, other authorities and IAEA organization. It is mentionable that the construction process is so fast and in the close future it will be ready for exploitation with modern equipment. Moreover, some personals of this organization were sent abroad with the help of the world’s international atomic agency for enhancing their capacities and learning.

Teaching hospital of Aliabad currently has 250 sick beds, and 12 different departments; such as general surgery, angina surgery, urology surgery, neurological surgery, orthopedic surgery, cardiology and respiratory section, endocrinology, hematology, Radiology, neurology and mental disorder, internal digestive section, and with the presence of total 397 professional personals, administrative and services which in professional section 78 teachers of Kabul Medical University,23 specialists, 75 trainee doctors, 96 nurses, 9 pharmacists, 13 ex-ray technician,15 anesthetists, 2 physiotherapists, 1 medical engineer, 1 technician of ex-ray machines, 2 medical physios, 2 radio therapy technician, 22  administrative staffs and 128 daily workers, they are able to conduct 20 selective urgent operations, approximately 300 to 500 patients in different departments of OPD, are being checked and cured. Services that Aliabad hospital provided can be generally divided into four sections;

  1. Implication of specialty programs for young doctors
  2. Providing health services in national level
  3. Usage of hospital as a practical field of Kabul Medical University students, and researchers.

During the civil war a part of the Aliabad hospital was confiscated by Afghani-Red Cross, in spite of the repeated endeavors of Kabul Medical University still it is not returned yet. In the year 1371 to 1373 due to the civil war historical hospital of Aliabad changed to a ruined building. After the year 2001 to 2002 and the collapsed of Taliban regime, the ruined hospital of Aliabad with the endeavors of Kabul Medical University and Ministry of higher education built in the current shape. During this time professor doctor Obaidullah Obaid as directorate of KMU and professor doctor Axer directorate of Aliabad hospital worked in these institutions. They put a lot of efforts for the return of the hospital from Shahr-e-Ara to its original place.


Goals of teaching hospital of Aliabad

Presenting well-trained youths, standardization of health across the country and the world, and providing better health services to patients and visitors capital and provinces.



Contact addresses:

Emergency service of surgery: 0202510358

Internal service: 0202510356

Neurological service:0202510352

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