Institute of Thoracic and cardiovascular diseases

Cardiovascular and angina institute

The land of the cardiovascular and angina institute initially belonged to Aliabad teaching hospital, in the year 2005 it was purchased by a private sector of England, then on behave of England doctor Mohammad Naeem Azim holding British citizenship signed contraction of 99 years with Afghan government. It was built in two blocks, first block in two floors, second block in three floors. After the construction, it began providing health services under the name of Acamet hospital.

Acamet hospital provided health services with advanced medical equipment such CT scan machine, ex-ray digital, BMD, mordent ultrasounds, laboratory equipment and complete cardiovascular equipment including Eco machine, ETT, also machines and equipment of LITHOTROPSY etc. This hospital was a private hospital providing health services with advanced medical equipment, expert national and international doctors in a complex format to the different needs of patients such as orthopic surgery, ear and throat, Eye, gynecology, pediatrics and OPD patients during several years.  


In 1391 solar year, Kabul University of Medical Sciences urgent needs for place, therefore the former chancellor of KUMS Prof. Dr. Shirin Aqa Zarif and member of Academic council of this university strived to solve the injustice contract with United Kingdom.  Based on the KUMS Academic council decision, the claim was referred to Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Public Health, and Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to assigned high representors from these organizations to solve the problem. They ministries selected their envoy to work under the control of Ministry of Urbanization for specifying the price of building and medical equipments of the hospital. Also, they must share their finding with Presidential office.

In the result, the owner of the hospital Dr. Mohammad Naeem Azim accepted that he sold the hospital in cost of four million dollar on Ministry of Higher Education. After successful completion of claim process, the assigned organization handed over the properties to KUMS. Kabul University changed its name to Institute of Heart Diseases. This hospital started its free of cost services under the leadership of Dr. Esmatullah Naibkhyeel with cooperation of experiences heart diseases specialists and public health of workers in the field heart diseases.

In 1398 solar based on the suggestion of KUMS and acceptance of Ministry of Higher Education the name of Institute of Heart Disease changed of Institute of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Diseases. Currently, the medical institute includes Pediatric and Old age internal heart Department, the department of Thoracic, Heart Surgery Department, the Department of Thoracic surgery and diagnosis center contains CT, Echocardiography, Ultrasound, ITT, X-ray, ICG, BMT, Monography, Laboratory and equip drug store.  Totally 104 professional employees work in Institute of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Diseases. The employees who administer and provide services include One head doctor, sixteen specialists, one CT doctor, seven trainer doctors, 24 nurses, four anesthetists, four technicians, two pharmacists, four lab technicians, nine administrative staffs and 34 supporting staffs service in this hospital. 

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