Community College Program

Head of Community College and Medical Equipment Reparation Department.

The community college was established in 1395 at KUMS. This college started practical work with collaboration of Poly Tactical University, Higher Education Development Program, USWDP AND Aspogan College of USA. The program was started with finical support of USAID. Thirty five medical equipment engineer and technicians (five female and thirty male) graduated from this program. Duration of study in this college is two and half years. Once a year the entrance exam was given by Poly Tactical University, KUMS with the support of National Committee of examination. After successful a complement of this program, the participants receive associated degree. This college contains two lecture rooms, laboratory of repairing medical equipment, technical and electronic Laboratory, meeting room and office. Community college includes ten lecturers, three supporting staffs. Currently, seventy students study in the community college of KUMS.

Fees, Time table and Duration of Community College Program

Duration of Program

Two and half years



Semester Duration

Sixteen weeks

Total credit hours

74 credit hours 


Saturday to Wednesday


4:30 PM to 7:30 PM

Semester Fee

10000 Afs

Program Fee

50000 Afs


Curriculum of Community College


  • Solid Electronics
  • Technical Mathematics.
  • Computer Study.
  • Electronic Devices.
  • Laboratory of Direct and Alternating Solid Electric.
  • English Language.
  • Islamic Studies

2nd semester

  • Principles of Computer’s Program.
  • Direct Electric Current
  • Alternating Electric Current
  • Laboratory of Direct and Alternating Electric. Current.
  • Technical Mathematics.
  • English language

1st semester

  • Principles of Anatomy and Physiology.
  • Medical Equipment
  • Communication Skills
  • English language

4th semester

  • Digital and Electronic Laboratory.
  • Technical Documentation.
  • Report Writing
  • Computer Networking
  • Medical Ethics
  • English language

3rd semester


Practical work

5th semester

The head of this department must be teacher. Community college is leading by Lecturer Pashtana Banayee who works as teacher in the Department of Medical Physics of KUMS. She studied up to master’s level her contact number is: 0744115311.