Academic Research Center of Kabul University of Medical Sciences

Academic Research Center was established in the framework of Kabul Medical Institute about a twenty years ago which has resumed its activity after an interruption.

The research center's duties are as follow:

  1. Studying and evaluating medical research work plans (including research articles) based on legal, ethical and professional considerations in line with the present work guidelines for medical research. Subsequently, it is submitted with the research center's evaluation to the research commission for further executive steps and then submitted to the relevant faculties’ council boards.
  2. Providing technical and medical research advices to professors during the preparation of the medical research work plan.
  3. Helping the professors in term of finding and searching relevant academic resources through using valid and relevant online websites.
  4. Submitting the report of the main research work and the articles to an appropriate professor for comments.
  5.  Studying the report and evaluation of the major research works and medical research articles based on legal, ethical and professional issues and with the consideration of the guidelines for medical research. Subsequently, submitting those reports with the evaluation of the research center to the research and publishing committee for further implementation. Lastly, submitting it to the councils of the relevant faculties.
  6.  Launching academic and research conferences on serious medical issues of the country at the nationwide level.
  7. Effective study of medical research articles published internationally and if necessary, informing the departments or relevant professors.
  8. Maintaining communication with the Ministry of Public Health and the Academy of Sciences on medical research issues

 Launching research and publishing commission meetings whose members are determined each year by the academic council of the university and the regular meetings of the center are held once a month.