Goals and Achievements


General Goals:
1- Implementation of administrative reform in cooperation with the Ministry of Higher Education and guidance of the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission
2- Creating an information system (HRMIS) administration for the university center and related hospitals.
3- Hiring qualified people and appointing well-trained cadres through a competitive system and adhering to the principle of competence and neutrality
4- Managing and overseeing the process of assessing the performance of civil servants and making decisions on its implementation and its subsequent results to raise the steps in the new salary system framework.
5- Establishment of Accident Offices and Personal Institutions of the Civil Servants of the Kabul Medical University and its related issues and insertion of all information in the database of human resources.
6- Set and review training needs assessment and the planning and implementation of training programs in order to improve capacity.
7- Design, arrangee, adjust and development of the management of the office in accordance with the strategy and internal requirements of KMU
8- Implementing the new salary system at the KMU and its related issues.
9- Planning human resources in the university and its related
10- Considering the complaints of staff
11- Manage the employee health and safety issues
12- Introducing university staff to internal and external training programs
13- Detect the workload of departments, determine the departments, analyze tasks and create bills for the tasks of each post.
14- Setting up reports for personnel salaries

Compressed achievements according to task objectives:
1- Post announcements and launch a free competitive test process to fill in shortage posts
2- Supervision of Organizing Proposals for the 1394Year
3- Supervision over the course of the state-promoted lecturers' documents
4- Assessment and evaluation of agents and mercenaries process documents in accordance with the Civil Servants Law.
5- Supervising salary reports, attending officers and attribution offices.
6- Study and analysis of organizational structure in a continuous manner
7- Successful implementation of the general need assessment process for staff at the center, hospitals and related clinics
8- Plan and conduct training programs for capacity building and workshop held
9- Establishment of a Health Information System Administration at Kabul Medical University and associated teaching hospitals.
10- The training of three staff members of the department will be conducted by the curriculum teacher in collaboration with the Department of University Support and Human Development, which will be held at the Ministry of Higher Education.
11- Implementation of the free competition exam process for deficient posts in accordance with the laws of the country.
12- The timely implementation of affairs, retirement, appointment, conversion and other affairs of professors, agents and workers.
13- Implementation of the need-assessment process and obtaining the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats at the Kabul Medical University level and the six relevant teaching hospitals.
14- To raise the level of knowledge and skills of administrative staff through workshops.