A Brief Introduction of Finance and Accounting Department:

Department of finance and accounting is doing their duties beside the financial and administrative deputy of Kabul medical university and participate actively in all state of finance and accounting from establishment of Kabul medical university.

Basic responsibilities:

  1. Arrangement of Kabul Medical University’s current budget for, Maiwand and Ali Abad Hospitals, stomatology (dentist faculty), eyes, Maternity and Obstetric clinics as well as cardiac disease institute and report to the Ministry of Higher Education.
  2. Arrange the final report of the all year based on the (20m) document and deliver to the Ministry of Higher Education.
  3.  Receive the monthly, yearly expenditures report from the Ministry of Higher Education, and its implementation based on the (20) document and deliver to the Ministry of finance for execution.   
  4. Record of allocation and customize for incomes and utilizations remittance for KMU, and related hospitals, and clinics.
  5. Collecting of KMU’s all incomes and timely submitting them to the governments’ import account.
  6.  Execution of instructors, and all staffs’ incomes.
  7. Execution of all on duty doctors, nurses and other staffs of KMU.     
  8. Execution of extra hours work for all staffs.
  9. Execution of all staffs’ travel expenses and pocket money to travel outside the country.
  10. Execution of master program expenses for public health.
  11.  Execution of public benefit utilization payment of (electricity, water, telephone, municipality, post taxes and etc…)
  12. Execution of money payment for accidently situation for instructors and staffs.
  13.  Continuation of the all working affairs based on the principles, rules and regulation of the law and approved laws.
  14. Execution of all finance and accounting department related affairs timely.
  15.  Maintaining of working relation with the correlated offices of Ministry of Higher Education for  Continuation and execution of the working affairs on time.
  16. coordination with the department of provision and arrangement and preparation to execute the utilization payment  and contracts on time.
  17. Guidance of all staffs in their working environments.
  18.   Coordination with the department of human resources for incomes and extra hours work report.
  19. Coordination working affairs with the department of finance and administrative of Maiwand and Ali Abad hospitals for execution of expenses and incomes payments.
  20. Execution of payment to purchase the required goods and equipment in KMU.
  21. Execution of conventional money and transfer it in to companies account.
  22. Execution of money for students’ livelihood exchange / life expenses distributes monthly. 
  23. Arrangement of (12m) form for calculation which is sent to the ministry of finance.
  24. The forms that is used in working affairs by the stated department (م40، م41، م16، م12، م10، م25، م13، م20).