This center is providing technological facilities for KUMS and teaching hospitals like develop and maintenance of Computer networks, IP camera networks and IP phone Networks; this center provide other Services like database developing and maintenance, maintenance of hospital management systems, PC helpdesk, web and mail services and providing some courses for students and staffs.


To develop a robust ICT infrastructure and corresponding services to facilitate the teaching, learning, research and administrative functions of the University, and support the realization of the strategic objectives of the University.

Mission Statement

To equip members of the University staff, academic and nonacademic, with requisite ICT skills and tools to enable them carry out their functions effectively and to the highest standards possible; and to create a learning atmosphere suffused with technological innovations that will ensure that the University produces graduates that can function well in the information society and workplace.

ICT Units

  1. Network Operation unit
  2. Web Services unit
  3. Training
  4. PC Workshop and Help Desk Unit
  5. Security Camera Unit
  6. Hospital management Unit
  7. Database Unite



Management and deployment of Network infrastructures and Fiber optics
Design of all Teaching hospitals and university buildings and Maintenance of these networks, Procurement and Maintenance of Computer Systems.

Providing training for students and staff. The center offered some important programs which is common to know.

Maintenance University websites and university profiles in social media.

Maintenance of Hospital management system (HMS).

Designing and Maintenance of university and all teaching hospitals IP security camera systems.

Maintenance and development of Databases for University and teaching hospitals.