The vision of the faculty of Allied Health is to have enough academic, educational and physical resources equipped with all modern facilities and as well as have experienced, knowledgeable, skilled and responsible cadres in the level of Master's and doctors in the field of medical technology and anesthesiology committed with all the values and benefits of the current community in order to help empower the younger generation, upgrade education and develop their talents so that the future graduates will be helpful in addressing the current needs of society and the future generations.


The mission of Allied Health Faculty is to transfer knowledge to the students of the Faculty of Medical Technology of Kabul Medical University in accordance with the academic criteria and achievement of a balanced level of knowledge that promote the scientific and professional development of students. So that the future generation will have the required capabilities and skills and fostering the feeling of responsibility, patriotism, honesty, and adequate knowledge of the latest discoveries and healthy intellectual achievements of human societies and being educated with  maintaining  all human rights standards and avoiding any discrimination .


  1. Academic Freedom.
  2.  Commitment to respect, integrity and transparency in the work.
  3. Commitment to timely implementation of the work in the team.
  4. Respect for the different opinions of others.
  5. Denial of any discrimination based on language, ethnic, racial, religious, intellectual or even gender.
  6. Responsibility and accountability

The Faculty of Allied Health also believes in the following spiritual values to educate the younger generation.

  1. Professional and competent
  2. Suitable and knowledgeable
  3. Patriotic
  4. Committed and honest
  5. Understanding the rights of men and women
  6. Environmental Protection
  7. Cooperative
  8. Good use of facilities
  9. Believes in the importance of teaching
  10. Kind and goodwill
  11. Good personality and disciplined
  12. Organized
  13. Self-confident
  14. Inventive and curious
  15. Punctual