Healthy people in Afghanistan and the region


Kabul University of Medical Sciences, Faculty of Public Health, seeks to use all its resources to reach its point of view:

  • Training a skilled and expert cadre in the field of health.
  • Launching research to provide evidence for practical decision making and effective policy development.
  • Promoting community health

High quality education
The Faculty of Public Health is determined to provide a quality education that meets the needs of our society and in accordance with international standards.

Belief in work and a collective decision to hear the opinions of others and to make them part of the decision-making process of conducting research to provide evidence and facilitate the decision-making and policy making process in the country.

Morality and dignity
Compliance with morality and the preservation of people's dignity both in teaching and in the process of initiation and research is one of the fundamental principles of the work of this institution.

Belief in the principle of equality and in the way of dealing with work and providing training and facilities for all, regardless of gender / language / ethnic / religious background, etc.

Intact Office / Efficiency & Exercise
Establish a intact management and model for others, and develop the necessary programs to promote the establishment of a intact / effective and efficient office. Trying to provide realistic / trusted services and professional diligence

Initiative and innovation
An attempt to cultivate talent in a student-centered way would increase the spirit of innovation and innovation among younger generations.

Accountability is an accepted principle that the Public Health Faculty has been accountable to all authorities in all areas of its work and has tried to promote accountability in the training process.