Curative and diagnostic services of the hospital include the following services:

1. Emergency service branches:

ENT, Dermatology, pediatrics internal medicine, pediatric surgery, plastic surgery and vaccines, which serve full time for the citizens of the country.

2. Diagnostic branches of the hospital include; Radiology, ECHO Cardiology, ECG and Ultrasonography  

3. There are 85 nurses in the Directorate of Nursing who provide healthcare services to the citizens for the clock round, including 27-female and 58-male and one vaccinator; six of them have got bachelor’s degree, 10 have above baccalaureate and 69 have baccalaureate degrees.

4. The Departments of Financial and Administrative include: Services, human resources, accounting, maintenance, and transportation.

5. Dept of anesthesiology and recovery, including 7 doctors and personnel.

6. Pharmacy Dept: has 5 pharmacists, which are busy to procure and manage spices for the patients.

7. Laboratory Dept: has 8 staff and branches of bacteriology, serology, biochemistry and parasitology.

8. Radiology Dept: has 6 staff members which are busy accomplishing diagnostic services to the patients for all the day.

9. There are three conference rooms which are equipped with multimedia, projectors, shelves for books, and each of them accommodates up to 50 participants in one time.

Services staff

There are 109 laborers, 70% male and 30% female, full time, that have been busy serving for the patients.