The Kabul Medical University has affiliated with the following Universities:

1. Lyon University of France

2. Nebraska University of America

3. Loma Linda University of America

4. Tokyo University of Japan

5. Afghan-German Association (WIEMER) and Afghan-KEIHAN Association


         It is mentionable that, the collaboration of University of Tokyo Japan in the field of Medical Education and JICA Institute has been extremely effective in signing the protocol of cooperation. But unfortunately, their programs have been ended in 2010.

KMU has demanded partnerships from Japan to reopen the new cooperation.

France, University of Lyon 1 & Lyon civil hospitals under the memorandum of understanding (MOU) will help the KMU in the aspects of academic members and staff affairs.

Leiden University and KEIHAN-HOLLAND Association will sign an agreement to initiate students exchange program.

Strengthening Program for the promotion of Capacity Building of Management, academic cadres and administrative staff, teaching hospitals’ staff will be donated to KMU in the nearest future.

It is also remarkable that, the academic donation of the mentioned University has actually begun a year ago for Anatomy Department.

But the cooperation of Nebraska & Lomalinda Universities has been very slow for the past five years. The discussions are ongoing to resume the collaborations with KMU again.