The goal is to educate the younger generation (students of the Faculty of Medical technology of Kabul Medical University) in accordance with the needs of the community and national and international standards. The medical technology and anesthetic programs not only provides educational philosophy according to the curriculum set by the university to students which are taught on the specific subjects of medical technology and anesthetic. At the end, the students can acquire the abilities to accomplish practical work. When students graduate, they fill the gap of technologists and anesthetists in the society and can have collaborative activities in improving the health of the family and community.

- Excellent knowledge for providing equal services for all people.

- These people should know how to work in the health system for providing treatment and prevention.

In order to address human needs in terms of social health, each technique must be expert in helping communities.

- Each technician will help doctors in determining the definitive diagnosis and treatment principles.

- Finally, we need high-qualified and expert technicians for effective and valid treatment of patients.