Electronic address of University

  1. Website: https://kums.edu.af 
  2. Email:    info@kums.edu.af 

Electronic addresses of leadership board of University of Medical Sciences

  1. Professor Doctor Wahidullah Momand chancellor of Kabul University of Medical Sciences momand@kums.edu.af 
  2. Professor Doctor Shams Ur Rahman Rahmani Academic vice-chancellor of Kabul University of Medical Sciences rahmanis1000@gmail.com 
  3. Mohammad Akbar Safi Administrative vice-chancellor  safiakbar@gmail.com  
  4. Associate Professor Ahmad Zia Yosufzai vise-chancellor of Student affairs  zia.yosufzai2014@kums.edu.af 
  5. Professor Dr. Mohmmad Farid Adil vise-chancellor of health institutes  drade1818@yahoo.com 
  6.  Senior Teaching Assistant Dr. Mohammad Ismail Zaman head of curative faculty dr.ismailzaman@gmail.com 
  7. Assistant Professor Mohammad Isaq Mohammadi  head of Nursing faculty mohammad.isaq.m@kums.edu.af
  8. Assistant Professor Dr. Razia Rabizada head of dentistry faculty dr.raziar@gmail.com 
  9. Teaching Assistant Dr. Ajmal Sabawoon head of public health faculty sabawoonajmal@gmail.com 
  10. Teaching Assistant Dr. Karimullah Shahpar head of Allied Health faculty karimullah_shahpar@kums.edu.af
  11. Associate Professor Dr. Ahmad Farid Barnayar head of education development center of Kabul University of Medical Sciences  fbarnayar1965@gmail.com 
  12.  Professor Dr. Mohammad Masoom Azizi head of Ali Abad teaching hospital mazizi.dr.athosp@kums.edu.af 
  13. Associate Professor Dr. Abdul Hay Wali Head of  Maiwand Teaching Hospital abdulhaywali@gmail.com 
  14. Associate Professor Dr. Zubida Zawak head of Maternity clinic drzu.cure2@gamil.com 
  15. Assistant Professor Dr. Sher Mohammad Amirzada head of Eye teaching clinic smairzda.d.ueh@kums.edu.af 
  16. Assistant Professor Dr. Mohammad Osman Reyaz head of Dentistry teaching clinic oriaz.d.dtcl@kums.edu.af 
  18. Professor Dr. Abdul Wassay Sultani head of research center drwassaysultani@hotmail.com 
  19. Teaching Assistant Shafiullah Roghmal head of teachers shafiullah.roghmal@kums.edu.af  
  20. Mohammad Massom Ahmadyar head of information technology hamayon.43@gmail.com
  21. Teaching Assistant Pashtana Banayee Ahmadzai head of community college pbanayee@gmail.com