The current structure of Kabul University of Medical  Sciences (KUMS) 
Prof. Dr. ShirinAqa Zarif is the chancellor of this university, he is one of Ali Abad hospital’s Internal Department professors, who has been appointed as the head of KUMS In 03.11.1390.
From the establishment of Medicine Faculty, Kabul Medical Institute, KUMS; Financial & Administrative Affairs and its relevant departments have been implementing under its supervision.
The main and basic tasks of the Financial & Administrative Affairs are:

  1. Preparation of Annual work plan for the various relevant departments
  2. Controlling and supervision of daily performances of the departments
  3. Overseeing the recruitment, transferring, retirement, dismissal, rewards, punishments and other related affairs
  4. Annual budget preparation and clarification, and overseeing the implementations of relevant departments
  5. Collaboration with relevant faculties and vice chancellors of students’ affairs, academic affairs and head of health organizations
  6. Conducting training sessions for capacity building of staffs
  7.  Monitoring from contracts, purchases, repairs, buildings maintenance, and supplies procurement

Administrative departments are functioning under its direct supervision:

  1. Directorate of Human Resources
  2. Directorate of Procurement & Services
  3. Directorate of Finance & Accounting
  4. Directorate of Communications and Public Awareness