A brief introduction to the Dentistry Teaching Clinic
The Dentistry Teaching Clinic was opened in August 2007. This clinic implements the goals and strategy of the School of Dentistry, Kabul University of Medical Sciences for the principles of optimal outcomes. The Dentistry Teaching Clinic has two internal disciplines of Dentistry and Surgery, which includes the Department of Internal Medicine, Periodontics, and Dentistry Pediatrics.

Department of Stomatological Surgery, Department of Surgical Dentistry, Prosthodontics and Orthodontics as part of dental radiology, including X-ray and OPG is apical

Branch Lab is making teeth include tooth prosthesis.

Branch Centre Spell Checkout All Devices to Prevent Infections

Face Surgery House Operations Department.

Duties and responsibilities of Dentistry Clinic
Generally, it has the responsibility of managing and directing its employees to carry out its tasks and activities in a concrete way.
Implementation of law and regulations - Decree- Bills - Procedures - Guidelines - Conducting conferences - Participating in university meetings, scientific and research conferences.
The performance of the Academic Council is following the implementation of the Board of Directors and other guidance in accordance with the goals of the Kabul University of Medical Sciences Office in order to promote the academic and professional level of professors, students, trainees, doctors and the main duties of the teaching staff of the Department of Dentistry.
Achieving the optimal results from the efforts of the relevant technical and administrative sectors is consistent with the duties of the institution.

Scientific and research work at the clinic and academic level for the members of the scientific staff of the relevant departments and providing the grounds for its implementation.
Defining and conducting scientific conferences by professors, doctors and internships of different departments for the promotion of scientific and professional development.
Supervising and controlling the performance of doctors and practical teaching methods for the students of Dentistry.
Delivering effective and quality health services in the various departments of the Department of Dentistry for patients.

In August 2013, the efforts of the Department of Teaching Clinic and the head of Kabul University of Medical Sciences
In accordance with the National Strategy and the Office, the following activities were undertaken in accordance with the Development Plan:
• Creation of Jaw Surgery Services in the Dentistry Teaching Clinic with 6 beds for 24-hour.
• The specialility program was started on 25/12/1392.
• In order to develop the talent of young students and young graduates, the institution of young doctors commissioned the Detective of Dentistry in the medical community of the dear homeland.
• The activities of all sections are collected weekly and will be presented to the Chair of the Kabul University of Medical Sciences at the Executive Board meeting.

Brief introduction of the Prosthodontic department:

The department of prosthodontics is one of the specialized departments of Dentistry faculty, which consists of fourteen credits per semester of teaching, which begins from the second grade of the second semester and continues until the second semester of the fourth grade, and includes an eight-week course for Doctors.

The professors who were the founders of the Department Were Doctor Abdul Hamid Raoffi, Dr. Fot Doctor of the German State, who provided services in the field of development of Dentistry in Afghanistan.

Department of Prosthodontics in the field of teaching

      • The first semester of prosthodontics has one Theoretical credit and one practical credit.

      • Second and third Semester of Partial Fixed Prosthesis has two practical and two theoretical credits.

      • Fourth and fifth semester of Partial removable prosthesis has two practical and two theoretical credits.

  • Sixth and seventh Semester of Complete Denture has two Theoretical and two practical credits.

 Four Teachers are teaching at this department

  • Dr. Mohammad Bashir Nejabi
  • Dr. Amina Ghoryani
  • Dr. Tamana Barakati
  • Dr. Mena Yaqubi

At the Department of Prosthodontics

• Make complete dentures
• Making artificial teeth in the form of parchial
• Restoration of artificial teeth
• Artificial teeth covering

In the section of internships

• The Department's professors collaborate with Doctors of Traditional Medicine and, under their supervision, internship doctors who are referred to the dentistry Teaching Clinic are treated.

In the specialty section of Trainee doctors

• Professors are working closely with the previously prepared Log Book.

Brief introduction of Operative Dentistry & Endodontics Department

The Department of Internal Dentistry is one of the departments of the dentistry faculty, which teaches three topics: Operative Dentistry, Endodontics, and Oral Medicine.

 The professors of this department, in addition to teaching to the students of dentistry faculty, also carry out a specialty program for doctors.

Currently, at the Department of Internal Medicine, six professors each:

  • Dr. Mohammad Osman Riyaz
  • Dr. Mohammad Hashem (Tahiri)
  • Dr. Razia (Rabi Zada)
  • Dr. Husnia (Azim)
  • Dr. Mohammad Harris (Oshraqi)

Which teaches students of different classes, namely, the second, third, fourth, and internship students periods in practical and theoretical parts. Brief introduction of the Department of Periodontics: The periodontics department is one of the specialized departments of dentistry faculty, that examines, diagnoses, and treats infectious diseases of the teeth that are taught in the fourth grade for two semesters (in the new curriculum includes three semesters) and includes a six-week course for the student house job.

Professor Waleed Najrabi is Founder of this Department.

The Department of Periodontics conducts the following activities in the field of teaching:

First semester of prenatal anatomy, Periodontics and Illnesses are based on a theoretical credit and a practical credit.

The second semester of periodontal disease and periodontal disease treatment has a theoretical credit and a practical credit.

Three teachers teaching in this department:

  • Dr. Abdul Walled (Nejrabi)
  • Dr. Husnia (Shadab)
  • Dr. Sadia (Ahmadi)

 periodontal department performs the following activities.

• Diagnosis and treatment of periodontal diseases.

• Eyelid and Colocalis removal. Scaling and Root planning.

• Periodontal surgeries include treatment for increased intake and removal of catalogue.

In the area of specialty doctors there are two trainees

  • Dr. Ruhullah Ibrahim Khel fourth year of training
  • Dr. Malaly Masoumi second year of training

The professors make a serious contribution using the Log Book already developed with the Trained Doctors.
Department of Pediatrics Dentistry
Department of Pediatrics Dentistry began in 1979 under the framework of Kabul Medical Science University as a theme, which was later recognized as a department by the leadership of the Kabul Medical Science University.
The affairs of this department were previously carried out by two of the professors of each of the professors of Dr. Ehsanullah Naseri and Dr. Sayed Shoaib Ghaffari. In 2012, two young professors from each of the two universities, Dr. Morghana Elias Khel and Dr. Mohammad Asif Siddiqui, after completing the faculty exam, included this department.

The pediatric dentistry department is one of the major branches of Dentistry that teaches pediatric and pediatric dentistry programs from birth to puberty. This department has three lecturer semesters, starting from the third grade. Nevertheless, the department has a two-month program for training practical works during the session of students of Dentistry.
 The goals of the Department of Pediatrics Dentistry

  1. Training of young doctors in the field of prevention and treatment of pediatric oral teeth in a theoretical and practical way.
    2- teaching hospital clients in the field of prevention and protection of their children's teeth
    3- Providing a self-learning background for dear students of the Department of dentistry
    4. Advancement of the scientific and technical affairs of department.
    5. Provide pediatric treatment services.


Brief introduction of Department of Surgical dentistry:

The Department of Surgery is one of the specialized departments of the Faculty of dentistry, which consists of four teaching semesters, starting from the second grade of the second semester, and continuing with the fourth semester in the fourth grade, including eight weeks of graduation period for internship Doctors .The professors who were the founders of this department were German doctor Dr. Fote Dr. Habib Nazari, Dr. Sakhi Siddiqui, who served in the field of development of the dentistry medicine in Afghanistan.

Department of Surgery in the field of teaching:

• Second Semester Second Class of Local Anesthesia and Surgical Procedures. A Practical Credit and one theoretical credit

• First semester of the third class of infections of the facial infections one practical credit and one theoretical credit

• Second semester of the third year cycle of tumors and facial cysts, pre-prosthetic surgery, teraghymel Newralejonia, a theoretical credit of and one practical credit

• First semester of fourth degree of glaucoma, jaw throat, dental implant, orthogonal surgery. A theoretical credit and one practical credit.

There are five professors taught in this department.

  • Dr. Noor Ahmad Shah Noor
  • Dr. Emal Shakib
  • Dr. Shakib Sabat
  • Dr. Nasurllah Rostaqi
  • Dr. Elaha Sumyia Ghafari

At the Department of Prosthodontics

• Dragging teeth• Removal of catalogue in the jaw areas

• Treatment of distressed areas• Surgical procedures for surgery

• Treating infections of the face areas