Information about the Hospital

Ali Abad Hospital is one of the most experienced medical and therapeutic hospitals in the country. The construction work of its building was started in the month of June of the year 1931 and the construction work was completed in the August month of the year 1933.

In the beginning, the hospital had started work in the area of preventing Tuberculosis (TB) under the supervision of doctor Rafeqy Beg who was from Turkey. Thus, the hospital was named the Rafeqy Senatorial. Later, other departments of the hospital were built as needed. This hospital was also called Nadir Shah Hospital which has continued to provide health services till today. This hospital with the expansion of various wards including (12) departments and (250) bedrooms has been working.


  • Introducing trained young doctors
  • Standardizing health care services in international level
  • Providing  better health care for patients in the capital and provinces


Training of doctors and students in different faculties of Kabul University of Medical Sciences and providing health care services and treatment to patients that is not possible in other hospitals is the main mission of the medical and technical personnel’s of this hospital.