Contact to Kabul University of Medical Sciences:

  1. Address: Jamal Mina, 3th district Kabul Afghanistan

  2. Phone NO: +93(0)202500327

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Brief history of KUMS:

As the first Higher Educational Institution was established in 1932 (1311) at the level of faculty, initially.

  • In 1981, as a governmental institute, it was nominated under the name of Great Afghan Medical Scholar, Abu Ali Ibn-e-Sina, which was comprised of three faculties as: Curative Medical, Pediatrics and Stomatology.
  • In 2005, by completion of requirements and standards, was upgraded to the university.
  • In 2006, Nursing Faculty was established within the structure of KMU.
  • Due to the social requirements, the Faculty of Public Health was established in 2010.
  • The Faculty of Health Allied Sciences was established in 2012 according to the urgent needs for the training of medical technicians, which is comprised of two Departments-Anesthesia and Medical Technology.

Establishment of Medical Faculty and its relations with Turkey (1933-1946)

Based on demands of establishing higher education in the country, during the reign of Nader Shah in 1932, after a comprehensive exchange of thoughts between the Afghan and Turkish delegates, the Medical Faculty was established in the country. There were lack of academic cadres and administrative staff to run the faculty affairs, so it was asked from Turkish government to cooperate, and the Turkish professors undertook the responsibility of Medical Faculty. At the beginning, there wasn’t any basic infrastructure for the faculty, so a building which was located in Darulaman next to Habibiya high school, was chosen to start teaching medical students, later a building was founded in the campus of Kabul University which is currently belonged to the Faculty of Theology. After many years, it was transferred to the present building of KMU in 1980.

Dr Rafiqi Big was the first chancellor of the Institute, then Prof Dr Hasan Reshad Big and after that Professor Dr Zahidi Big who were Turkish, alternatively took the responsibility of the faculty. They established different departments in the faculty of medical. And also they did a lot of outstanding services in the area of training of medical doctors in Afghanistan.